India Girl Get Off The Bus at Midnight, Driver-conductor Asked Will Someone Come...

Girl Get Off The Bus at Midnight, Driver-conductor Asked Will Someone Come to Pick She Said No And Then…

Today’s newspapers are often filled with news like rape, murder, extortion, abuse etc that somewhere put negative effects on our mind. Cases like rapes and eve-teasing making this world insecure for women even in the day. But then we stumble upon something that made us realize that good people also exist in this world.

Today we will share an incident with you that happened last year in the month of October which really needs an applaud. The incident is shared by the girl who herself experienced that. She shared it on social media. Let’s know about the whole story.

In October 2018, a 25 years old girl named Mantasha Shaikh while returning home late in Mumbai city from work or maybe for some other reason (not specified) boarded a BEST bus. It was around 1:30 am when she boarded a BEST bus from Sakinaka to her home in Royal Palms, Aarey.

At such situation most of us, especially girl get goosebumps. However, when the bus reached a deserted point, the bus driver Prashant Mayekar and conductor, Raj Dinkar did something which is impossible to believe for many of us. When Mantasha was going to leave the bus at the stop they asked her if someone is coming to pick her up, to which she replied no.

Then the driver and the conductor parked the bus on one side and waited Mantasha got an auto. After that, when Mantasha got into an auto and they ensured that auto was heading in the right direction, they started the bus. For their gesture of care, they got praised by the people.

For their humble act of humanity, we salute driver Prashant Mayekar and conductor, Raj Dinkar.

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