HBD Shalini Pandey, Superb Actress Who Was Seen In The Kabir Singh Of South

Today (23 September) is the birthday of veteran actress Shalini Pandey of South Indian films. She was born on this day in...
Entertainment Marathi Movie Court Is India's Official Entry To The Oscars And Rightly...

Marathi Movie Court Is India’s Official Entry To The Oscars And Rightly So

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Marathi movie ‘Court’ has been picked as India’s Official Entry to the¬†Foreign Film category at the Oscars and quite rightly so. The film ‘Court’ being a part of India’s regional Cinema is naturally more inclined towards reality as our country’s many theatrical and art feature films come from regional cinema i.e. leaving aside Bhojpuri movies. Obviously!


The film was declared the winner of the National Award for Best Feature Film in March this year. The movie’s selection as India’s Ticket to Oscars is well deserved and one look at the trailer can set your minds thinking the same too!

The movie revolves around the state of Law and judiciary in India and relates to the very situation of the more common lot. It explores the drama of an Indian legal court room and how a folk singer gets wrapped in the allegations of abetment of suicide for singing a ballad.

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