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High Life Born With a Facial Tumour She is a YouTube Star, Meet...

Born With a Facial Tumour She is a YouTube Star, Meet Marimar Quiroa

It is said nothing is bigger than your determination. In our daily lives, we meet people having various problems. Someone is upset because of their financial issues, other because of family issues and some just by a pimple. However, there are some people who take every challenge of their life with positivity and come out with flying colors. And you won’t believe their problems are way more than us, bet me!

Meet 21 years old Marimar Quiroa, she was born with an unusual facial tumor called as cystic hygroma. It caused a fluid-filled growth in her neck and mouth that requires her to breathe through a tube and use sign language to communicate. She has undergone several surgeries since her birth in order to decrease the size of the cyst. Like many, she didn’t shatter down and rise above the odds.

She started her own YouTube channel to inspire others to accept their individual beauty. She has 100,000 subscribers and over six million video views. And she’s received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback in the process. She said, “People type their comments after they view my videos, and they say some really nice things,” she said in a video posted on Barcroft TV, which you can watch below. “They tell me I’m beautiful and love my makeup.”

We salute her courage towards what life has given to her. She accepted her flaws with grace and pursued her passion regardless of societal expectations. She is truly an inspiration.


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