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News Mark Zuckerberg Is Going To Start A New Era Of Smartphones

Mark Zuckerberg Is Going To Start A New Era Of Smartphones

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Facebook F8 is an annual conference held by Facebook for developers and entrepreneurs who develop products and provide services on the website. Mark Zuckerberg spent outlined Facebook’s new augmented reality platform, a new way for developers to build features into Facebook’s built-in camera. This new augmented reality platform will definitely add edge to the graphics that are visible from a camera lens. We already know that simple versions of such graphics are already in the market. Snapchat filters and Pokemon-Go are some examples of visual tampering.

“Think about how many of the things you use don’t actually need to be physical,” Mark Zuckerberg Told Recode where he also talked about his broader AR vision, which includes AR glasses. “A key part of that journey is making an open platform where any developer can create anything they want,” he further added.

Augmented Reality is not the only update we hope to see. There is much more than just Augmented Reality. These are the following update topics that were being touched regarding Facebook.

Augmented Reality Studio: Facebook is opening up its Augmented Reality platform for developers so that they can make maximum use of Facebook’s computing power. This will help developers in image recognition without even investing in the expensive and complex technology themselves. AR studio is a tool that will enable the developers to create and develop what they want.

Messenger will have much more to offer: Messenger is also going to get an Update. You will be able to drop songs into a group chat. And these songs could be heard by all the members at the same time.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Going To Start A New Era Of Smartphones

source: tech crunch

A better way to find bots: Facebook Messenger has thousands of bots on its platform, but they are hard to find. So Messenger is launching a discovery tab and new QR codes that directly put users in conversation with a bot. “QR codes are big in messaging apps in Asia but haven’t caught on here in the United States, including when Messenger has tried them before. But we’re going to give this another go,” Messenger boss David Marcus said.

Hanging Out with friends in Virtual reality: Facebook is beta testing a new social VR product called SPACES that lets users create an avatar and meet with other users’ avatars in a digital world. This will make the Solo Virtual Reality an enjoyable friend gathering.

More partners for Facebook Workplace: Facebook has an enterprise version of its social network, called Workplace, that was launched last winter. Now Workplace is collaborating with some enterprise partners, like Microsoft, Box, Quip, and Salesforce, in order to ease sharing and organization of files. The workplace also opened its platform for developers to make custom bots specific to their organization’s needs.

This Augmented Reality themed products will definitely affect smartphone companies. With technology advancing at such fast pace augmented reality is not a big deal for Facebook. We hope that these new tools will soon be our new friends.

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