High Life Humour Mark Zuckerberg Is The King Of Witty Responses!

Mark Zuckerberg Is The King Of Witty Responses!

As we reported in a previous article that Mark zuckerberg is planning to build an artificially intelligent assistant like Jarvis in Iron man.This was the post that he put on facebook few days ago.


Obviously many users commented on the post , some gave suggestions while some even thanked mark for this great idea.As he said earlier Mark zuckerberg tries to replies to the comments of users.

One grandmother who commented on Mark’s Personal challenge update was apparently very worried about her grand daughters.

Look what the facebook founder had to say though.

LOL. Notice how he stresses on “be” .What a noble advice though.Full points to Mark for that!

Famous action hero , Arnold  Schwarzenegger also had something to say on Mark’s new proposal. markweya3

The AI’s terminator voice is just what we is needed to add hotness to it!

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