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World Marry a Woman From Iceland and Get $5000 Per Month, Really?

Marry a Woman From Iceland and Get $5000 Per Month, Really?

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Facebook nowadays is the best platform to share knowledge or any kind of news. If it’s interesting it goes viral! One of the sources is Meme. There are many kinds of memes – humorous, knowledgeable and the one with the quiz. Some of them include sensational news, and one of them is on the rounds all the way from Iceland. This Meme claims that there is a lack of men in Iceland that’s why the government is offering $5000 to immigrants who marry Icelandic women.

The government is appealing the people of other countries to marry their women and in return offering $5000 per month stipend. Means 3 Lakh 19 thousand Rupees per month. Not only the memes but in some news also, it has claimed that the brides of Iceland are waiting for their men to marry them. The reason behind this scheme is claimed to be the gender imbalance of Iceland. Means the lack of one of the genders in the total population of the country.

Gender imbalance also persists in India. Here women are less than men. So it’s time to move to Iceland?

So the scheme is really true?

According to fact checking site Snopes, this rumour was first circulated in the year 2016 by a website named Spirit Whispers. In this website, it was mentioned that the first preference will be given to the people of North Africa. After that, many African websites also published news regarding that!

Some people believed this news because actually, some countries which are worried about their gender imbalance give various offers to people to eradicate the problem. In Denmark, the government sends couples on a romantic vacation so that they can have babies as there is a very less population in Denmark. The government spends money on that baby who is born through this vacation for 3 years.

This viral meme resulted in various friend requests to Icelandic women from unknown men. People around the world visit embassies of Iceland for enquiries. The Denmark Embassy in Egypt also handles immigration cases of Iceland. The staff here got fed up with this kind of inquiry that they appealed on the embassy Facebook page, saying, that Iceland’s government did not offer any such offers. Please spare our lives.


So if you find any meme featuring this information on Facebook without giving a second thought scroll down. It is fake!


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