Mars Merrily Sipping Water Shown By New Google Doodle

A cute Mars merrily sipping water is shown by the new Google Doodle to mark NASA’s striking and commendable recent discovery of water on the red planet which makes this day ever so important and how can Google ever miss a Day which would possibly be remembered by all of mankind! On Monday, September 28,  scientists of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) discovered and confirmed the presence of liquid flowing water on Mars. 


The Google’s new Doodle shows its second ‘O’ as the red planet which sips water from a tumbler with a straw and soon the topic set a trend on Social Media.

Earlier, NASA’s curousity rover had sent images of a woman, a frog, an iguana and even a pyramid stating the existence of life on the planet but none of the reports earned a Doodle by Google since these were not confirmed by NASA.

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