MARVEL Series Says Goodbye To This Character In A Very Brutal Way

Ms. Marvel star Farhan Akhtar shares his thoughts on the surprising death of his character in the series.

Episode four of Ms. Marvel appeared on Disney+ very recently. In it, we see how Kamala and her mother Muneeba Khan travel to Karachi in Pakistan. They do so at the request of Kamala’s grandmother, Sana. While wandering the city, searching for clues about her past and the origin of the cosmic bracelet, Kamala comes across Kareem. He is a vigilante who comes from the ancient order of the Red Dagger. The eldest member, Waleem, protects both Kareem and Kamala from the interdimensional beings known as the ClanDestines, who want to take the bracelet from Kamala. In doing so, Waleed is killed, and murdered by Najma.

ms. Marvel, during an interview with Screen Rant, Akhtar shared his thoughts on Waleed’s shocking death in Episode 4 ofms. marvel.

The actor was not very clear about whether his character is really dead. But he thinks Kamala and Kareem left him too soon.

“Yeah, I think so too. I mean, that kid. I’ve trained him and trained him all these years. The least he could have done was check my heart rate! [laughs]”

“He said, ‘Let him! He is dead!’ Wait, it’s just a flesh wound.”