Trending Mateen Bhai - A Major Lifeline To The Latur Farmers

Mateen Bhai – A Major Lifeline To The Latur Farmers

The severe water shortage enraging through Latur in Maharashtra has been marking the headlines for the past 4-5 months. Insted of locking up his borewell, Sheikh Mateen Musa has been distributing around 10,000 litres of water per day amongst his neighbours and for that too, he is not charging even a single penny.

mateen bhai - Mateen Bhai - A Major Lifeline To The Latur FarmersBy profession, Sheikh Mateen Musa is a mathematics teacher and expressing his views on delivering the major amount of water to the needy, he added that ‘He has been doing Nothing Outstanding but just giving away what the farmers actually deserve.’ When asked about if his borewell ran out of water then what would he do? Mateen bhai laughingly replied that, When that happens, even i will pick up a pot and go around seeking for water like others’.

drought in latur - Mateen Bhai - A Major Lifeline To The Latur Farmers

Well, it is very sad to say that the number of people who are similar to the kind of heart Mateen bhai has got are very few. It is people like Mateen bhai who explain us the proper meaning of Humanity. Share this article as much as you can and let us make this amazing personality famous.

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