News 7000 People to Become Unemployed as McDonald's to Shut its 40% Outlets...

7000 People to Become Unemployed as McDonald’s to Shut its 40% Outlets Today

As McDonald’s was planning to shut its 169 outlets across North and East India from past few months due to License issue, the day has finally come. As we told you the dispute of the franchise agreement between its India arm McDonald’s India Private Ltd (MIPL) and Vikram Bakshi-headed Connaught Plaza Restaurants Ltd (CPRL) led to the shutting of these outlets.

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Due to this, 7000 employees who work in these outlets are will lose their jobs. On Tuesday, National Company Law Tribunal abolished the petition of Vikram Bakshi. This is a red alert for those who are working in McDonald’s outlets across North and East India.

The termination notice period is ending today. Therefore, CPRL is no longer authorised to use the McDonald’s system and its intellectual property. It means they need to stop using the McDonald’s names, trademarks, designs, branding, operational and marketing practice and policies, and food recipes and specifications.  It is a sad news for those who work in these outlets and also for those who love McDonald’s burgers.




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