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News McDonald's Delivery Boy Goes To Deliver This Woman Food, Asks For Sex

McDonald’s Delivery Boy Goes To Deliver This Woman Food, Asks For Sex

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BENGALURU: Recently a McDonald’s delivery boy was arrested in the city by JP Nagar police for allegedly passing harassing comments on a woman and even asking her for having a sexual intercourse. According to him, he wanted to “teach that woman a lesson” for refusing the ordered delivery.

Moreover, the McDonald’s delivery boy even shared her number in many WhatsApp groups, claiming that she is an escort.

This even resulted in the woman getting harassed by many men on phone calls as her number was share in bad light on WhatsApp.

Mc.Donald's delivery boy India
Source: wsj

Smitha (changed identity) is a resident of JP Nagar who filed the complaint with area’s police. She mentioned the police that on 8th July she ordered the food from the famous food ordering app FoodPanda. Around 10PM, the McDonald’s delivery boy came to drop the food but made lewd comments and stared Smitha’s body, therefore she decided to refuse the food.

This was just not enough for Smitha as more trouble was waiting for her. Around half and hour later, the delivery boy again started calling her. For the time being, she scolded him well and disconnected the phone but soon after that, many phones started to come. By the time she contacted police, already 14 different numbers have called her.

She informed the police that the callers assumed her as a prostitute and asked for her rates. The foul language of the callers really annoyed her. Therefore, police collected the numbers of all those harassers and got the information that the delivery boy is the one who encouraged them.

McDonald's Delivery-Boy
Source: India.com

The name of that McDonald’s delivery boy is Shreyas and when caught, he himself confessed his crime to the police.

This is what the spokesperson of McDonald’s India has said about this incident, “We, along with our partners, are investigating the incident involving a complaint regarding threatening and sexual abusive calls to a customer. Though such cases are extremely rare, we take allegations against any of our third-party service providers extremely seriously and, if substantiated, will always take the strongest possible action. We will extend our full support to the customer and will cooperate with the local authorities, in every manner possible.”

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