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High Life Why The Last Bogie of The Train Has a Mark X?

Why The Last Bogie of The Train Has a Mark X?

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You surely have noticed a mark X on the last bogie of a train once in a life. According to a rule, now every train must have this mark on its last bogie. But do you know what that means? The ‘X’ mark on the last bogie is white and red in colour. Not only this, on the last compartment of many trains, now lamps of electricity have also been introduced. Indeed, all these traces tell railway employees that the entire train has passed.

Apart from this, a board is also suspended on the last bogie of the train, in which the letters LV are written. This board is written in English and its colour is black or white. LV means ‘last vehicle’ which means the last bogie. If a train has passed but the LV board is missing, then it means that the entire train hasn’t come yet. In this situation, the staff takes an emergency action.


The cross (X) sign at the last coach of the train indicates that it is the last vehicle(LV) of the train composition. It is used so as to keep a track of whether accidental coupling breakage has occurred enroute or not. If the last wagon of the train doesn`t contain this symbol, then it indicates that the train is in trouble and also it can be known that train is running without some wagons. It can easily alert the railway officials so that they can save from the accident. Therefore, don’t forget to observe this symbol on the last wagon from the next time you travel in the train. Be careful and alert others by sharing this news.




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