How is it Possible That a Dead Woman Can Give Birth to a Baby in a Coffin? Read a Real Story

In this bizarre world, every day many shocking things take place or come forward that sometimes are hard to believe. Today we will tell you about something which is near to impossible but it happened! Sometime back, Italian archaeologists have found a Medieval grave belonging a woman. They uncovered it and what they found next, astounded them!

A fetus was lying between her legs. The researchers say that it’s a grim example of a “coffin birth”. If you are getting curious to know what exactly and how it happened? Let us tell you! This scene is known as “coffin birth,” or “post-mortem fetal extrusion.”

During the decomposition phase of the body, around two to five days after the death of a pregnant individual, gas started building up inside the body, eventually pushed the fetus to come out from the vaginal canal, resulting in a post-mortem birth. (Know more information about this incident here Dead woman gave birth in a coffin)

The fetus had already died when the mother was buried. Isn’t it gave you the goosebumps? It sounds like a horror film. The reports further suggest that the age of the woman was between 25-35 years and her baby was at 38 weeks (nearly 8 months) of development.

The baby’s legs were still inside the mother’s body, but its head and upper body had dropped below the pelvic cavity. The fetus was already in its head-down orientation (the cephalic position) and was positioned for birth.

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