Anamika Mishra is already popular giving tough competition to Indian authors of her age who have more number of novels to their credit. She started her career in 2013 September with the release of her first novel Too hard to handle. But her career sky-rocketed with the release of her 2nd novel VoiceMates in 2015.

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There is no shortcut to success. I invest days and nights in my books, I often skip meals and my sleep routine is already a mess. But when I get positive responses from my readers, that’s what makes everything worth the effort. There is no secret mantra to for success. You have to put your 101%, you have to prepare yourself to run an extra mile, you have to step out of your comfort zone if you really want to be successful” Says Anamika, upon asking about her secret to success.

“I didn’t start early, unlike other young Indian authors; but surely I am on the right track. It doesn’t matter when you start, but what matters is how do you start? I too have made mistakes and I don’t regret instead, I have taken up my lesson and moved on’ added Mishra

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Anamika is also an active blogger and have promoted almost all top brands on her blog and social channels. She loves travelling and is often on the go. She lives in Mumbai and hence, out of curiosity we asked her if she is planning to write for television or bollywood industry. “At present, No! I hardly watch Indian soap operas so I am definitely not going to write for that. Yes, I have got offers from film industry to write scripts but I believe I am better of as a fan. I am very happy writing within my own industry and I totally love it. If some producer or director is interested in making movies on my book, I’d be happy to sign but currently, I am not willing to take up any new assignments as I am already tied up with my books, blogs and of course, travelling” she replied.

Her upcoming novel Love In Fall is a mix of YA & old school romance. “Love in fall is a unique book. Its very different from my previous works. It has YA romance, old school romance, mystery, hatred, love and everything that makes a book an interesting read.” Said Anamika.

Just like you, we too were curious to know about this young author’s love life, so without wasting our time we asked her about her relationship status, “Of course I am single. Follow me 3 days regularly on social media and you’ll figure out yourself” said Anamika as she burst into laughter, “and I am currently not looking for any relationship. I am very happy and comfortable in my own zone and want to focus on my career. So, you can’t expect marriage or relationship on my cards anytime soon!” Added Mishra.