Meet Anmol Sandhu - The Arm Wrestling Sensation From India

Meet Anmol Sandhu – The Arm Wrestling Sensation From India

Gone are the days when opportunity knocked. These days, it rings. Yes, precisely the same is the state of the Arm Wrestling Giant Anmol Sandhu. The game we used to play in our childhood and loved challenging our near and dear ones for a friendly battle, but let me make you aware of the fact that as far as the professional side is concerned, this particular game is way more rigorous than your imagination. You all might be thinking that this game required only muscular strength but this recreation has something to deal with the mental strength too.

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Anmol Sandhu, the Punjab-born monster is making the nation proud by setting an example that Arm wrestling is not a game to be underestimated. Today, we are up with a very inspirational column that will display his struggles and the achievements that he has accomplished and I bet this will surely raise your eye-brows. As stated, the achievements are countless, so better set back and be proud to read and share the journey and the bring abouts of our ‘Punjab Da Puttar’, none other than – ANMOL SANDHU, The Arm Wrestling Giant!

Anmol sandhu interview

  • When he was 17, he grabbed his first ever silver medal in the junior category in 2014 and co-incidentally, it was his first nationals competition and that surely would have dislayed that this Arm Wrestling sensation is going to set something that the generations will recite.
  • At Punjab State championship,2014, He won the overall champion of champions junior boys and was the silver medalist in senior men’s category.
  • In the North India competition, 2014 held at Agra, Anmol won champion of champions Jr. Category and was the runners up in the Senior category.
  • In a very enthusiastic event ‘Fitex‘ for all the professional Arm Wrestlers held in Noida in 2015, The hulk was declared as the ‘Mr. Fitex’.
  • In 2016, he won both Juniors as well as Seniors competition. This has never happened before in the history of Arm Wrestling that a guy has bagged first position in both the Junior as well as the Seniors category. Apart from that, he holds the prestigious title of Mr. India and interestingly, he is the youngest Arm Wrestler ever in the Arm Wrestling history to be crowned as Mr. India. Earlier in 2016, he became Mr. Punjab by grabbing first position in both the Junior as well as the Senior category.

anmol sandhu NZ

Despite adding so many feathers of glory to his hat of achievement, this young lad still couldn’t get the boost he was searching for. He couldn’t quench his thirst of achieving more! As stated, he is marking his name to the world championship title too. He won NZ Armbattle Series (international round) championship in a fitness expo. held n Auckland, New Zealand.

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Anmol is undoubtedly a complete package and he is surely a means of motivation for the one and all. Additionally, he is The youngest personal trainer certified with American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He feels that nothing is going to turn your way overnight as it requires something more than extra dedication and devotion to achieve the particular goal. Anmol, adding to his words said that –

Nothing gonna happen overnight, keep getting grinded and wait for success! There are always two roads to your destiny – One would be looking short and easy to achieve and the result won’t be permanent. The other one might look tough and would take up your time to get there but results will be life long! Its your choice mate, which one you want to – if you make the right choice at right time, you’ll be hustling soon!

anmol sandhu - ACE certified trainer

Anmol sandhu arm wrestling

Being asked about what is your Success mantra, he stated that – “Be the type of person when you wake up, the devil says – ‘oh shit, he’s up! I always loved this Dwayne Johnson’s Quote and recites the same before going to the competition.” Be proud to share this article and let everyone know what he is really upto! Bless you mate, We all are proud to have such amazing talent in our country.!

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