Entertainment Not Sangeeta Bijlani, Meet Salman Khan's First Girlfriend

Not Sangeeta Bijlani, Meet Salman Khan’s First Girlfriend

Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan’s first girlfriend was ex-Indian model Shaheen Jaffrey, who is also actress Kiara Advani’s aunt.

 Meet Salman Khan's First Girlfriend

In an interview, Kiara said: “My mom knew Salman sir as they grew up together in Bandra. He would often tell my mother Genevieve Advani how one day he would be a star. They have been friends for the longest time and would go cycling together. She introduced my mausie Shaheen to him and Salman sir and Shaheen mausie dated each other long back. It may have possibly been their first relationship.”

Who is Shaheen Jaffrey?

 Meet Salman Khan's First Girlfriend

Shaheen Jaffrey was an es-Indian model who studied at Shaheen Jaffrey’s college. Salman used to wait for her outside the college. Salman and Shaheen broke up when Sangeeta Bijlani entered Salman Khan’s life and he started taking more interest in her.

Shaheen later joined Cathay Pacific airlines and moved on in her life.

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