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Meet The 5 Years Old Instagram Sensation Mia Alfalo

Meet The 5 Years Old Instagram Sensation Mia Alfalo


Now, in this age of internet,becoming popular is not limited to age. One can become star in its 20s, teenage and even at the year of 5. Yes, you read it right! Just at age 5, a baby girl is winning the heart of people with her beautiful looks and tresses all over the Instagram. Her name is Mia Alfalo Shunem and she is from Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Her long tresses and different hairstyles are getting popular. Along with that, her poise, cute smile and hazel eyes have garnered a huge number of followers on the photo-sharing app.

Mia Alfalo’s viral hairstyling looks are given by famous Israeli celebrity hair-stylist, Sagi Dahary. Dahary, is Israel’s famous celebrity stylist who even worked with Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. Mia Alfalo’s photos are often shared by Dahary on the internet. He refers to her ‘Princess Mia’ and even compared her with Jennifer Lopez.

People can’t get over this little star. But there are others also who concerned what impact will she have with this popularity as she is a child. Well, let’s take a look at her photos:

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