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Meet the founder of Human Library Delhi Neha Singh, who is breaking stereotypes of the society

Well no one knew her until yesterday but today Neha Singh with her talk delivered at TEDxMansaroverPark is smashing patriarchy and talking about the stereotypes of a typical Haryanvi and Indian society. Singh states, “People don’t believe me to be from Haryana just because of the fact that I am proficient in English. I am astonished at what I hear from a fellow Haryanvi Lady, “Angreji toh tu chokhi bolle sa par Haryane ki toh lagdi koni.” I look like a Punjabi but am I am a Haryanvi.”

Neha Singh is 32 and happily unmarried. She has a job, in fact a job where she offers job to the others. That implies her to be Feminist but she is not. She is one lady to have broken too many stereotypes.

Watch Neha Singh Delivering the lecture on The Art of un-judging someone.

Every now and then there are questions, perceptions of people about everyone and everything but the reality is that it’s just another illusion that they themselves have created. People don’t talk and hence these perceptions lead to differences and division of society on community basis. We believe a person from Haryana is a cold blooded murderer of Spoken English. And then a Gay is always hunting a date in his fellows and the girl next door who got divorced recently is loose on character.

The Human Library Delhi

Singh is founder of Human Library Delhi, a place where real people act as books. They narrate the brutal realities of life, they tell you about love, loss and the how they have accepted themselves to be unique from others.

Once every month The Human Library comes to life in Delhi and there various books that are on the bookshelf. There is blind guy who talks about the colors of life. There is a Refugee from a war torn regions of Afghanistan talks of hope. Another book is a Muslim who is leading a lifestyle of a vegan and a male kathak dancer who talks about the imbibed feminine traits in him due to classical dance routine.

The Human Library Delhi

Delhi crowd have shown really great interest in the concept have had more than 12 events and each event drawing a huge number of readers. They believe that going to library might be boring but going to a Human Library is full of fun. It’s a place where the stereotypes of the society are broken through a dialogue.

Neha in her TEDx Talk speaks about what are the stereotypes that she herself encounters in her daily life and how it became instrumental in setting up something as amazing as The Human Library Delhi. Her motto is life is simple, “Never judge a book by its cover. Pick it up, read a few pages and you never know you’ll read it for rest of your life.” Being the founder of Human Library Delhi she refers to a human as a book.

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