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Infotainment Meet The Latest Headache For Indian Security Agencies: Zakir Naik

Meet The Latest Headache For Indian Security Agencies: Zakir Naik

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Days after 20 hostages were killed in a cafe in Dhaka, Zakir Naik proves out to be the major headache for the Indian security agencies. Zakir Naik is a far-fetched minister of Islamic philosophy. He talks in English scattered with ‘Bambaiyya Hindi’, wears a suit, tie, skullcap and a few caps: That of a specialist, debater, misionary, TV preacher, Salafist and a universally perceived Islamist researcher situated in Mumbai. Naik is caught in the middle of a controversy after investigations revealed his sermons and ideology inspired Rohan Imtiaz, one of the perpetrators of the recent terror strike in Dhaka.

Zakir Naik
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Bangladesh has said that Dr Naik, whose lecture on TV and online draws vast crowds over the world, propelled two of the seven youthful terrorists that opened flame on Friday night, saving the individuals who could recount the Quran, and hacking others to death with blades. Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu today said that the legislature will concentrate on Dr Naik’s addresses. Naidu further added, “The Home Ministry will study and take a choice.

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The 50-year-old TV minister, who sets suits with a skullcap in his shows, has been banned from entering the UK and Canada for flammable comments including what was seen as a guard of Osama Bin Laden. The Congress party, on the other hand, is seeing praising the missionary. He tweeted today that the government must act against the religious leader “if there is evidence against him“.

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