Radhe Enters In The Film From Which Aamir Khan’s Son Was Rejected

There are reports that the film from which Aamir Khan's son was rejected, Ritwik Bhowmik has now been selected for that film.
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Meet The Man Behind That Mature, Authoritative And Sensible Voice of Bigg Boss

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The biggest controversial reality Show on TV, Big Boss has been constantly entertaining audiences for 11 years. These days the show is running its 11th season. But would you like to meet the person whom you have just heard before? Who give orders from show’s host Salman Khan to contestants? Yes, we are talking about Big Boss!

Today, we will tell you, the man behind the macho voice you often hear in the Bigg Boss house, who controls the house and give orders. The voice in the background which commands the members, orders them to perform the weird tasks and puts them in the jail as per part of the punishment, belongs to VO Artist Atul Kapoor.

Yes, this mysterious voice is of Atul Kapoor. Atul is 50 years old and is a resident of Mumbai. He is a voice-over artist. Atul is associated with Big Boss since the first season of the show. According to reports, Atul has a separate room in the house of Big Boss, from where he monitors the activities of the house members and directs them. It is noted that it is not like that the contestants have never met Atul. Many ex-contentians have not only met Atul but also have had quality time with them.

Not only in Bigg Boss Atul is active in Hollywood films too. Atul is a popular voice-over artist. He has also been a part of several Hollywood superhero films. Apart from ‘Iron Man’, ‘Avenger’, ‘Captain America’, there are many films in which Atul Kapoor has given his voice superheroes in Hindi.


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