The man called himself ‘The Candyman’ and is an Instagram sensation known for his flash cars, lavish parties with bikini babes and infamously leading his wife around by her bikini string. Yes, The name is Travers Beynon.

Travers Beynon with the butts - Meet The Man Worse Than DAN BILZERIAN!

The Man who Lives in a $3.7 million mansion in an exclusive region of the gold coast which he named it the ‘Candy Shop Mansion’.

girls caught - Meet The Man Worse Than DAN BILZERIAN!

To be on a brief note, Travis Beynon is an Australian Businessman, former model and tobacco tycoonist who is the owner of the Freechoice Tobacco Industry. He was born in 1972 to Trevor Beynon and Sandra Beynon.

travers beynon posing - Meet The Man Worse Than DAN BILZERIAN!

He got married to the Miss World(1991), Ninibeth Leal but the couple got separated in the year 2008. Later, He tied his wedding knot to Taesha Beynon.

the multitalented personality - Meet The Man Worse Than DAN BILZERIAN

As far his Hustling is Concerned, he hosts extravagant pool parties, wears bright pink suits and leads his wife around on a strap. He sometimes sets himself suited-booted in order to control his tobacco empire.

Travers-Beynon-suited-booted - Meet The Man Worse Than DAN BILZERIAN!

However, Travers chick game is slightly hotter than the Bilzerian’s. As far as the vehicle game is concerned, He rides a little green pushbike, which adds a much-needed sense of childish innocence. He owns a private jet too.

Travers-Beynon-with pastries - Meet The Man Worse Than DAN BILZERIAN!

In a statement to Gold Coast Bulletin, he describes himself as a “family man” who is “dedicated to hard work and helping others.

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