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Infotainment Meet The Most Dangerous And Ruthless Serial Killers Of The World

Meet The Most Dangerous And Ruthless Serial Killers Of The World

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According to Wikipedia A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people, usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant break (a “cooling off period”) between them. The main traits of a serial killer are – They kill two to three persons, have some abnormality, do sexual assault with their victims and then murders them ! We have bought a list of the most dangerous ” Female Serial Killers” ever !

Nannie Doss 

Nannie doss
Credit : Scandal scale

Nannie Doss married five times, she killed her four husbands, her mother ,mother-in-law, sister, grandson. When asked to why she committed this murders she said “in search of the perfect mate, the real romance of her life”. She was known as the “Giggling Granny”, as she used to laugh in between interrogations.

Elizabeth Bathory 

Bathony seriall killer
Credit : Metal

She was considered as one the most ruthless murderer in the European history! Why ? Because she tortured and brutally killed nearly 650 girls ! and used to bury them. She avoided execution using her family influence but got lifelong punishment. Her house main door was bricked and she was ordered to live there for her entire life.

Richard Trenton Chase 

Richard trenston
Credit : Tumblr

He was an American killer who killed six people in a period of one month in California. His nickname was “The Vampire of Sacramento” because of his weird habit of drinking blood and eating the flesh of the people he murdered. He committed suicide by taking a huge number of Anti- depressants.

Jeffrey Dahmer 

Jeffrey dahmer
Credit : Murder pedia

Jeffrey killed at least 17 men and boy, he was a gay by nature. He used to sexually assault his victim first then kill them. He used to dismember, anal course , eat flesh and even did intercourse with the dead bodies of his victims. He was punished with life-term fifteen times i.e 937 years in prison, he demanded the death sentence. Later he was killed by a fellow prisoner with several hits in his head.

Albert Fish 

albert fish
Credit : Serial murders

Also known as the grey man, Albert molested over hundred children and killed five people. Fish was visited by the mother of billy Gaffney one of his victims, he gave a horrific description of how he cut every body part of billy body including his ears, cheeks, legs, penis , arms, how he cooked it with vegetables and then enjoyed eating it. No record as to how he died.

Javed Iqbal 

javed iqbal
Credit : Peru

Javed was from Lahore, Pakistan. Javed killed and sexually assaulted a hundred children’s in a period of on month. After killing children he used to keep their bodies in a drum filled with hydrochloric acid and after the body liquefied, he used to dump them in sewers and Ravi river. He kept the clothes and shoes of his victims as a trophy. When he reached his 50th victim, he started taking pictures. He reportedly said, “I am Javed Iqbal, killer of 100 children … I hate this world, I am not ashamed of my action and I am ready to die. I have no regrets. I killed 100 children.

These were the most dangerous serial killers, who killed for pleasure and had no regrets. They molested, sexually assaulted, even eaten and brutally murdered their victims.

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