Meet The Real Life Thor, Norwegian Navy Lieutenant Lasse L. Matberg


The Internet has found real-life Thor and people are losing their shit over him. 6-foot Norwegian navy Lieutenant named Lasse L. Matberg is the guy who is trending on various social media channels.

A 30-year-old lieutenant bares an uncanny resemblance to the Marvel character Thor. Several people, on a lighter note, said that scientists in Norway took genes from Thor and Legolas and combined them together to create a superman, Matberg.

Lasse, himself, summed up the feedback he got from users on Instagram as: ‘They want to marry me or ask me to make them pregnant.’

The Metro checked out a few and found these:

  1. ‘Are you from this world???
  2. You’re an Asgardian, aren’t you??’ [like Thor].
  3. Hvis THOR skulle levd i vår tid ville det vært han her’ [not sure what this means but see above].
  4. Take me to NORWAY I’m in-love.

Lasse is also doing modelling for Kilbjorn which is a very popular brand.