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Infotainment Meet The Tourist Guide Who Dances For Tourists!

Meet The Tourist Guide Who Dances For Tourists!

Madurai’s tourist guide who is trending on internet is getting famous day by day for his exceptional ways of guiding the tourists. Let us meet this tourist guide who dances for his tourists and takes them to the tour of the famous places through a dancing journey.

An image of Prabhu along with tourists

Let Us Watch The Video!

The original video of the guide was tweeted by CEO of Niti Ayog, Mr. Amitabh Kant. In the video we can see Prabhoo, the guide flaunting his both eyebrows, facial expressions and hand movements. The foreigner tourists are seen enjoying next to him.

Another video

People are loving him and he seems to love the sudden attention he is getting. As in the above video, he asks for more support from people. The classical moves are definitely fetching him good fame and name!

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