High Life Meet This Young Lad Making Trips To Chennai From Bengaluru With Supplies

Meet This Young Lad Making Trips To Chennai From Bengaluru With Supplies

People all over India are contributing through their efforts and resources to help people stranded in Chennai due to heavy floods. But there is one person going beyond being a good samaritan to help the people in chennai wading across deep waters to make sure food and supplies are reaching the people in distress.

Ram Kashyap decided to help people in chennai with Food and Supplies, Paper cups, Plates and Raincoats and Umbrellas. 


Many people responded to his plea for donations and any possible help that could reach Chennai. and just like that belief in humanity was restored.

His post went viral. More than 1200 people contacted him and more than 250 donors volunteered to help people in Chennai by helping him collect all the essentials.


Kashyap also informed that thousands of people forwarded help in form of cooked Food and Packaged food, sanitary pads, Medicines and Diapers.

Ram Kashyap has a team who have made 14 drop-off points across Bengaluru for people to provide donations and help. He also informed IBNLive that his friends and he have made their bank account details public so that people can contribute for their fuel and travel expenses to Chennai.


On esmall initiative or step can make a huge difference. We just need to step forward and do it! More power to you Ram!

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