News Technology Meet Worlds Youngest CEOs Right Here In India

Meet Worlds Youngest CEOs Right Here In India

Shravan Kumaram 15 years and his younger brother Sanjay Kumaran, 14 years both studying in 11th and 9th grade are been considered as youngest Mobile Application Programmers in India and the youngest in World too. They are the Co-founders of Go dimensions.


They have developed 7 applications those available on App Store. They have also created 3 apps for Google’s Android Play store. Latest in news they have New Windows Mobile store

Here are some of there Applications

Catch me cop

You are a con who escaped from prison and there is a nation wide hunt.

Alphabets Board

Alphabets Board is an app to teach kids Alphabets fast and easily.

 Prayer planet

Prayer planet is an app to pray god easily and quickly on your mobile device.

  • Etc CarRacingHD ,Emegencybooth ,EI5 and ColourPallete.
The boys vision that in coming years, 50 percent of the world’s smartphones should have their company’s applications running on the handset itself, thats what they want to achieve.

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