High Life Fashion Men Should Leave These Outdated Fashions to Look Elegant

Men Should Leave These Outdated Fashions to Look Elegant

#1 Too Much Fragrance– Guys don’t overdo it. Remember you want to be discovered, don’t walk into a room and announce yourself because it gives some people migraines. People simply don’t want to smell you all the day in the office. Start off with one spray and make sure that you do yourself a favour. Find a fragrance that works for you.

#2 Large Logos- We are talking about those huge logos. unless you are getting paid by the company to spread the word about their brand, why in the world would you wear that huge logo?


#3 The Side Cut Tank Top- Some guys think that his s their greatest do it yourself project. Guys, that’s great that you have got a good body that you take care of, but understand that you can wear a normal T-Shirt and show off your body. If the T-shirt actually fits you, you don’t have to be. But giving that side is really unnecessary.

#4 Skinny Jeans- If you are not skinny. So, a lot of guys try to go with fads, they do try to go with the fashion. Women don’t like to see a big man try to squeeze into those skinny jeans and showing the world what he got.

 Instead, try to wear normal loose jeans.


#5 Studded Belts- You want to avoid the past age of 10. So, avoid these studded belts. Now you are not a child anymore.

#6 Wearing a Dress Shirt Untucked- I think this is not a right way to wear a shirt. always tuck in your shirt to look smart. If you are in a formal, so be formal properly.

#7 Pajama Pants In Public- Gentlemen, you want to try to avoid it unless your house is on fire. This is not done if a gentleman is wearing pyjama outside his home even when he could change the clothes.


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