Men’s Latest Sexiest Hairstyles For A Smoking Hot Look

From a recent few years Men’s hairstyle inspirations have been from the movies and shows which showcast handsome actors supporting a rugged, sexy and raw look, and all through their Hairdos. From messy shaggy hair to slick gelled looks women of all age go gaga over a man’s mane. And for such impactful and strong look, surely a lot of thought and effort goes into styling. To help you choose the best Sexy look for yourself, here’s a collection of Men’s Latest Sexiest Hairstyles For a Smoking Hot Look!

1. Loose Undercut


The loose undercut is one of the best variation of the classic. It has a longer top that can be styled messy or slicked back, either ways the look is super dapper and sexy.

2. The Modern Side Part


One of the most popular looks, it is classically modern and chic. It goes with anything from casual to formal and for any day event. Its the best suave for a Gentleman with a darker side.

3. Taper Look


A taper looks great paierd with a mid fade undercut and styled up at the top. The hair up top is not too long but has a good enough volume to it. It suits every face type and Men as well as women LOVE it!

4. Matte Spikes


This dapper style can be achieved by a matte styling product used to twist and spike up the hair up top. The length goes from long at the top to shorter at the back.

5. Ceaser Short Hair


If you like to keep your hair short, then this is the look for you. It suits almost every face type with just the right head shape. Also, easy to maintain, its best for a guy with a carefree attitude.

6. Slicked Back


Another Hairstyle for slightly longer hair. Get your sides cleaned and grow your hair everywhere at the top for a classic ‘Darcey’ slicked back look.

7. Messy Matte


Because girls will die wishing to run their hands through your hair. Get short sides with a subtle disconnect at the top and style your hair messy with a matte product and you’re done.

8. Speaking of Volume 


Long and styled volumized top can be achieved by blowdryer and a hairspray. Best suited look for a casual day or a night out for drinks.

9. Matte Side Part


A side part is totally in as the most urban look. But a side part with a slight slick need not always be shiny. Go matte for this side part slick look to drive her crazy!

10. Heavy Undercut


A heavy undercut look is on fire these days especially when paired with a full beard. This look is totally manly and uper raw and sexy. Go really short in length and the sides and the back and much volume at the top. You can style your hair flipped backwards or at the side with a side part, either ways its is totally HOT!

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