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Infotainment MensXP Makes An Insensitive Joke On Celebrity Naming Their Babies After Shahid...

MensXP Makes An Insensitive Joke On Celebrity Naming Their Babies After Shahid Kapoor Names Daughter Misha

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In December last year, Rani Mukerji gave birth to a baby girl who went on to be named Adira, a combination of her parents Aditya and Rani’s names. And last month Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput were blessed with a baby girl. Following the trend you say or not but they both decided to name the baby girl MISHA, the combination of both their names. And we cannot deny that the name is quite beautiful. It was very obvious for the news to trend seeming the popularity of the bollywood star Shahid.

But MensXP went a step ahead to make a joke on the matter on their facebook page :


MensXP which is a popular media publishing website across India has 1,929,329 likes so you can do the math on how many people follow it. And still they thought it was not at all insensitive to make such a nasty joke.

The post has nearly 4,000 reactions on it with more than 100 shares. While a few people are mad at MensXp, rest of them have either liked it or laughed at it. Now the big deal is that the obvious name which the page is hinted at is something which I feel not obliged to write morally. Because it’s not funny to hint that a celebrity couple’s baby’s name might be a word that has been used to insult women for centuries. Because it’s not funny to insinuate that Ranveer and Deepika’s (imaginary) baby girl will have a name that is eventually thrown back at every girl’s face – regardless of her name – at some point of her life by a boyfriend, an ex, another girl, or a random stranger. Where’s the joke in that ?

The readers who think that the joke was funny are not on trial here because its obvious to react ( by that I mean like) on something which is posted by a page you are following from quiet a long. But where’s the responsibility that automatically comes with running a page with a substantial following, whether you like it or not ?

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