Mia Khalifa Breaks Indian Hearts With A Single Tweet


Mia Khalifa breaks Indian Hearts with a single Tweet after posting about her participation in Bigg Boss!

Source: Google

The 22-year-old pornstar was making her place in the Indian headlines for her possible participation in the Indian Tv Reality show Bigg Boss season 9. But the Lebanese Adult star reported about her hacked Instagram account on Twitter after some weird posts were posted on the account on her behalf.


Mia’s Instagram account was hacked on monday night, which is believed to be the work of a saudi national who posted a picture of the Saudi Arabian flag, Islamic Symbol and spam advertisements.

The posts on her Instagram account got her asking for help on Twitter from her fans..

However, her last tweet clearly denied all reports of her participation in Bigg Boss. Mia Khalifa could’ve easily replaced Sunny Leone and then who knows just like her Bollywood could’ve been the next step! 😛

Too bad for you Mia!

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