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Mia Khalifa Punches a Man Who Took a Selfie With Her Without Asking Permission

Ex-Pornstar Mia Khalifa has been accused of punching a man who took a selfie with her without asking her permission. The man who claimed to be a fan wanted a photo with her but instead of asking her, he went ahead to click the selfie. Mia then decided to punch the 20-year-old Texas man in the face.

The man under the username @FourthTigerClaw posted two pictures on his Twitter account and wrote: “Got a pic with Mia Khalifa and she punched me in the face and left a bruise.”

Mia Khalifa punches a man

Source: Metro

In response to it, many Mia Khalifa fans posted their pictures with the ex-pornstar without any injuries. One fan shared a friendly selfie which she had taken with Khalifa and wrote: “Can’t Relate lol.”

Mia, herself got involved in the conversation and replied to @modest_maya’s tweet, “You were the sweetest. Thank you for asking me nicely rather than jumping in front of me while I was walking & shoving a cam in my face.”

Actually, Mia is totally right here. Photos should be clicked only with one’s consent.

Anyway, Mia Khalifa is probably the most known name in the industry, even before the Sunny Leone. She was ranked number 1 performer on the Pornhub.

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