The world-famous pornstar Mia Khalifa has revealed something which is very surprising. In an interview with BBC, Mia Khalifa has spoken about her experience of working in the porn industry. The adult star said that it influenced her personal life badly. The adult star tag never left her, according to her. People were not ready to accept her as a normal human being.

Mia said that she struggled a lot since her childhood. Mia also faced weight issues and was not confident about her body. But college life boosted her and she started making small changes to lose weight and by the time she did her graduation she was able to face the world. Mia said, “I felt extremely self-conscious about my breast because that was the first thing to go when I lost weight. I lost about 50 pounds and once I did that, I started garnering all this attention from men.”

On asking how stressful the experience has been, more so today, after she had moved on, she said, “I think post-traumatic stress kicks in mostly when I go on public. Because the stares I get, I feel like people can see through my clothes. And it brings me deep shame. It makes me feel like I lost all rights to my privacy, which I did because I am just one Google search away.”

Mia also shared her experience about men while working in the porn videos, she said, “The things that men see in videos, they expect from the women in their lives, and that’s just not reality. No one is doing to be that perfect, no one is going to do those acts on a Wednesday night with the person they love.”

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