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Infotainment Midnight Walk To Washroom Can Lead To Your Death

Midnight Walk To Washroom Can Lead To Your Death

This article is a must for those people who get up and step right on to the floor in urge to make use of the washroom for urination. According to researchers and doctors each individual must take note of the 3 x 1/2 minutes.

Why is it important?

3 x 1/2 minutes will greatly reduce the number of sudden deaths happening these days.  Often this occurs, even if a person who still looks healthy, dies in the night. Often we hear such stories of people, yesterday I was chatting with him, why did he suddenly die?

Why “3 x 1/2 minute” very important?

The reason to it is that when we wake up at night, we straight away rush to the washroom it is that time that your brain is weakest of all. Getting up suddenly, the brain will be anaemic and may cause heart failure due to lack of blood. This is why you are advised to practice “3 1/2 minutes,” which are:

1. When waking from sleep, lie in bed for the 1st 1/2 minute;

2. Sit in bed for the next 1/2 minute;

3. Lower your legs, sitting on the edge of the bed for the last half-minute. After 3 x 1/2 minutes, you will not have anaemic brain and heart will not fail, reducing the possibility of a fall and sudden death.

We wish you a good health for future and hope that this little effort of our could help you out for future. This is team PagalParrot wishing you a very good morning. Hope you will remember us tonight when you wake up. May God Bless Ya :)

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