Mika Singh recalls getting slapped from ex-girlfriend, says ‘I became very loyal after that’

Singh Mika Singh is busy finding his love on reality show Swayamvar – Mika Di Vohti. In a new episode of the show, Mika recalled when his gf slapped him, after she figured out that he had saved other girls’ numbers as ‘Rakesh and Rajesh’. Mika likewise uncovered that back then, he used to be a flirt.

On the show, Mika recalled that he was dating one of his fans and that she was ‘very beautiful’. He said, “She was very beautiful and I was smitten. So much that I promised her house, even thought of kids’ names – Sunny, Bunny. I was crazy about her.” Mika added, “Back then, I was a flirt; and would speak to other girls on phone and used to hide it from her by saving these girls’ numbers as ‘Rakesh’ and ‘Rajesh’.”

Mika shared that one day when his GF came to his house, ‘Rakesh’ began calling him continuously. “She sternly asked me to take the call, and as soon as I picked it up, she gave me a tight slap. For the first time I got slapped and I then understood what a girlfriend really means. She also threatened me that this is just the beginning. I became very loyal after that and would be scared of her. I was scared that if she could slap me in private, she can also do it publicly.”

At the point when Mika described the incident, contestants on the show began agreeing with his and called the girl ‘over-possessive’, to which he answered saying, “I made a mistake and that made her react that way. I believe that a man is always at fault. And because of these incidents, I realised the importance of love. I had a girl who took so much effort for me and here I was busy with ‘Rakesh’ and ‘Rajesh’. Post that we really had a good time as lovers.”