India Minors Are Changing Photo And Date of Birth on Aadhaar Card to...

Minors Are Changing Photo And Date of Birth on Aadhaar Card to Watch Kabir Singh

Shahid Kapoor starrer recently released hit film Kabir Singh got A certificate from the Censor Board. So in order to watch the film, minors are doing everything possible. In the cinema halls, the movie is doing great but as the Censor Board has given it an adult (A) certificate, people below 18 can’t watch the film in theatres.

According to the latest reports, now minors are changing their photo and date of birth on the Aadhaar Card (one of the official identity proofs in India). Minors are doing it by editing on a mobile app.

One of the minors from Jaipur did the same and managed to watch the film. One of the other teenage boys from Jaipur said he booked tickets from Book My Show and there nobody asked him about identity proof and age. He told that the guard of the cinema hall stopped us, we took a picture of the Aadhaar card from our smartphone, changed the date of birth and became an adult within minutes with the help of the app.

About this, a source related to Book My Show app told that while booking a ticket, a pop-up appears on our site, which says that people below the age of 18 can not watch the A-rated movie, but people ignore this pop-up and book tickets. Since this is an online transaction, we do not ask for their identity card.

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