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Unseen Pictures Revealing The Dark Life of Kinnars or Transgenders Behind Closed Doors of Pakistan

For the first time in Pakistan, a transgender becomes a news anchor. Marvia Malik gets appreciation all over the world. However, not all the Kinnars in Pakistan are living a life with equality. They are becoming victims of rape, murder and molestation with every passing day. 

The head of Kinnar in Peshawar, the 35 years old Farzana told that transgenders are living a miserable life in the conservative society of Pakistan. They are poor and are not able to feed themselves with the basic necessities. 

She told, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone from 2015 to now 54 Kinnars were murdered and 400 were beaten badly. Farzana said we are not allowed to travel in a public bus, people insult us on the roads. We are not able to move freely outside. 

A transgender Lovely Khan who is a dancer shared a horrific incident of her life. She said she was gang-raped by 17 people when she was only 12 and returning home after a dance performance. 

Even after having a legal equal right like other citizens, transgenders in Pakistan are still considered less. They are not equal and don’t get respect in social life.

The main source of their income is begging, prostitution and dancing on-stage. They as often face inequality, violence, sexual harassment and molestation. 

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