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High Life Miserable Monday Mornings And How To Beat Monday Blues

Miserable Monday Mornings And How To Beat Monday Blues

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Monday is officially the worst day of the week and we all know why! Its unbelievable how magically you sundy passes in a blur and monsterous monday comes back to hit you right where it hurts. As per a survey conducted most of the working people spend half an hour of their monday mornings moaning and that they hated momday more than any other day of the week.

Here’s how an  average Monday passes by..

1. Waking up on a Monday morning is like a hike up to a mountain.


2. You always feel more tired on a Monday.

3. You dread the work on your plate for that day.


4. It takes you a while to accept your defeat and get back to work.

5. You might even have a terrible hangover from the drinks you had last night.


6. You have a lot to catch up on especially the mails.

7. You  feel a constant low on a monday.

8. You’re already waiting for the weekend.


9. You look like shit because you couldn’t make time to look your best.


10. If the lunch served is bad then your monday is practically screwed.

But.. here’s how you can effectively beat those troubling Monday morning Blues..

1. However hard it may seem but sleep on time and hit the day early to feel more active and rejuvenated.

2. Don’t skip Breakfast. An empty stomach will only add to your grumpy mood.

3. Look Snazzy! Make time to look your best.


4. Take little breaks throughout the day.

5. You can even shop a little online during lunch. It makes you happy don’t it?


6. Feel pumped by listening to some of your favorite tunes.

7. Treat yourself! Indulge in some great chocolate or a yummy sweet during lunch. You can even have sex (Just don’t do it in the office!)


8. Have a chat with your friends( not while you have work at hand of course!)

We know Mondays suck! And this was only to help you get through mondays as happily as possible. Weekend is not so far my friends! 😉

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