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This Famous Fashion Model Hasn’t Urinated For TWO YEARS, The Reason is...

This Famous Fashion Model Hasn’t Urinated For TWO YEARS, The Reason is Extremely Painful!

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Sometimes life offers you something which is beyond our imagination. The former Miss Cornwall and Miss Devon, Leanne Ward, has witnessed something like that which is very painful. She has been completely unable to urinate, after being struck down by a debilitating illness, which left her bladder muscles unable to relax.

Due to this, she’s been unable to urinate for two years. The 27 years old fashion model suffers from Fowler’s Syndrome. It is so rarest that even some doctors haven’t heard of it. You will get shocked to know that it happened because she had botox. Yes, she had Botox injected into her sphincter muscle, which is part of the bladder, enabled her to pass urine for three months.

But that’s the only time Leanne has been able to pee since 2015 – when she was struck down by this rare conditions on. She said:

“All this has had a huge impact on my life. I just want to be able to use the loo.”

It all started when in June 2015, when an unrelated operation was done for a suspected appendicitis, or swelling of the appendix. The model said, 

 “I was really ill. I started vomiting and had a severe tummy ache. I desperately needed to. I was bursting – but I just couldn’t, physically go.”

She was fitted with a temporary catheter (a flexible tube used to empty the bladder into a drainage bag) and taught how to insert it herself at home. Leanne said

“I was so frightened. It was so painful having it put in.

She hasn’t recovered yet and also suffers regularly with kidney and bladder infections and is prone to urinary tract infections. The model said

“It also really hurts whether my bladder is full or empty. It’s terrible. I take morphine for the pain and long for the day I can use the toilet normally. People don’t know that Fowler’s Syndrome is a thing. But it is – and it’s serious. It’s so rare that often when I’ve visited the doctor’s or the hospital, people haven’t heard of it.  But it’s an extremely difficult thing to live with.”

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