India Model Who Held as a Hostage in Bhopal Flat for 12 Hours...

Model Who Held as a Hostage in Bhopal Flat for 12 Hours by a Jilte Lover Was Once a C-Grade Actress

Recently a news shocked everyone when a man in Bhopal held a model captive for about 12 hours at a gun-point. He was a ‘jilted lover’ and wanted to marry the model. The model after getting freed by the police said she agreed to marry the man as she was scared for her life and wanted the culprit to be hanged.

“Those were some nightmarish 12 hours that I spent with Rohit, who was armed with a pistol and other sharp objects. I feared he would kill me if I declined his marriage proposal.”

said the model, who is now recuperating at a private hospital after police rescued her. During the abduction bid, she suffered an injury on the hand and a cut on the neck. The model was an M.Tech graduate. She alleged that the man was forcing her for marriage although she tried to maintain distance.

The accused Rohit Singh is a native of Aligarh in UP and worked as an assistant casting director in Mumbai. He created a fake account on Facebook after the woman blocked him. Now he is behind the bars. The other thing which is grabbing headlines now is the model who was held captive was once a C-grade film actress. Her name is Vibha Srivastava and her photos are doing the rounds on the internet.

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