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News Modi Government Brings Happiness, 1 Litre Petrol at Rs 55 Will be...

Modi Government Brings Happiness, 1 Litre Petrol at Rs 55 Will be Available From This Day Onwards

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Diwali is coming and it seems that the Modi government has already decided to make its Janta happy. How? As you know that with the increase in petrol rates, the whole country is suffering. The petrol has become 1 litre above Rs 90. This is bothering the common man. But now Modi government is all set to make them happy. Now you will get 1-litre petrol at Rs 55 whereas 1-litre diesel at Rs 50.

Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari gives an important statement according to which soon you will see a decline in the rates of petrol and diesel. Gadkari stated that during his Chattisgarh visit. He said,

“Our petroleum ministry is setting up five ethanol plants, where the fuel will be produced from paddy straw, wheat straw, sugarcane and municipal waste. (Consequently) Diesel will be available at Rs. 50 per litre and petrol at Rs. 55.”

He further said that switching to ethanol, methanol, bio-fuel and CNG will cut down dependence on petroleum and ultimately reduce the prices of petrol and diesel.

“We are importing petrol and diesel worth Rs. 8 lakh crore and prices are increasing. Rupees is falling against the dollar. I have been saying for last 15 years that farmers, Adivasis (tribals) and forest-dwellers of the country can produce ethanol, methanol, bio-fuel and can (become rich enough to) fly planes…”

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