Trending Mohammad Azharuddin Loses Cool In A TV Interview

Mohammad Azharuddin Loses Cool In A TV Interview

One of the legendary cricketers of India’s International Cricket team, who was seen on the promotion sets of his biopic movie, ‘Azhar’ with the actor Emraan Hashmi and Ekta Kapoor, recently lost his cool in a TV interview.

Mohammad Azahruddin

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The movie ‘Azhar’ represents that time of cricket when it was spotted in negative lights due to some match-fixing scandals of year 2000. When the reporter asked Mohammad Azharuddin that whether he really accepted the money or not, he was seen storming out the interview with an angry look.

The reporters tried to call him back sincerely but Azharuddin still didn’t listen and left everyone shocked.

Mohammad Azharuddin

According to some reports to Bollywood Life, “When the film started, the production house had made it clear that he would have to travel with the rest of the team as they wanted to be a part of the promotions. Azhar was fine with it though he didn’t do all the promotional activities — only the fun ones or media junkets like the recent Dubai trip.

It has also come to information that Azharuddin was already warned that he might get to face such questions during the times of promotion and he shouldn’t lose his cool and reply Watch out in the film to know the answer but what he did was really completely contradictory to what he was told.

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