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Mohammed Shami’s Controversial Wife Hasin Demanded Rs 10 Lakh For Monthly Maintenance, What Did The Court Decide Will Shock You!

Hasin Jahan, this name became famous a few months ago. She is the wife of Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami who accused him of having multiple extramarital affairs. Moreover, she alleged that Shami is involved in match-fixing. It was also revealed that it Mohammed Shami is Hasin’s second husband. She got divorced from her first husband years ago. She not only accused Shami but his whole family of domestic violence.

Mohammed Shami's Wife Hasin Jahan Files Another Court Case Against Him

Later, BCCI cleared him of match-fixing charges and allowed him to play in the IPL. Shami is currently in England with his team for the test match series between India and England.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Hasin Jahan lost a case to her husband in Alipore court in the matter of maintenance litigation. Hasin demanded Rs. 10 lakh per month for family maintenance, out of the total amount, Rs. 3 lakh was for daughter and Rs. 7 lakh for her maintenance. To this, Shami denied paying the maintenance by claiming that Hasin has started her modeling career again.

Hasin’s lawyer on this claim said that her earnings are not well and she needs money to raise her daughter in a good environment. So, Neha Sharma, the judge of Alipore court ordered Shami to pay Rs. 80,000 per month for his daughter but she rejected the demand of Hasin’s maintenance. The decision went straight to Shami’s vault.

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