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Mohit Goel: The Man Who Claimed to Launch The World’s Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251, Has Quit The Company!

The much-hyped story of its time that was mired in controversies, about the world’s cheapest smartphone at an unbelievable price of Rs 251 is in news again. Not for its launch, but for the resignation of the company’s managing director.

Yes, Mohit Goel and his wife Dharna Goel who was the director and CEO respectively, of the Noida-based start up Rining Bells that launched the  Freedom 251 smartphone has resigned from their designations. The company, Ringing Bells’ office in Noida has been closed for over half of the month now. Many dealers also claim that the company’s owner owe them Lakhs of money.

According to a source, now Mohit’s brother Anmol will take the charge of the company. If reports are to be believed Mohit Goel has opened a new company named MDM Electronics with a share capital of Rs 25 Lakh in Kailash colony, Delhi. 

The Goel couple waved in the news when they announced the world’s cheapest phone at the cost of just Rs 251 and later disavowed. And now, they suddenly quit the company without giving any explanation. 

However, the future of the Freedom 251 remains as bleak as ever!

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