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Entertainment Bigg Boss 10: Mona Lisa Counterblasted Towards Karan Johar For Calling Her...

Bigg Boss 10: Mona Lisa Counterblasted Towards Karan Johar For Calling Her Marriage ‘Fake’

Karan Johar is a flavour of the season, yes this wording is so apt and suitable for him. Every week he made statements that shook the entire showbiz industry. His book ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ has already made headlines with shocking revelations.

He made an appearance on Bigg Boss 10 this weekend with his ‘Jhalak Dikh La Ja’ team including Farah Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ganesh Hegde. They were asked to take the name of their favorite contestants. This is when Karan pointed Mona Lisa from her excessive crying, ‘Tacky’ outfits to her marriage inside the house. He had an opinion about everything.

Karan made nasty comments on her wedding and said,

“I would like to sign her for his film as that contract will definitely last longer than her wedding. Ouch!”

Interestingly, just after the team’s exit, Salman announced the name of evicted contestant. And guess what! it was none other than Mona Lisa. When she got to know about the Karan Johar’s comment she said,

“I haven’t seen the show, but if he has said that I am happy because it means the deal will last for years and years. I know that my marriage will be long lasting.”

When she was further asked about money being offered to her to get married on the show, she said,

“It’s sad that people think like that. It’s the best day of my life, why should I take money for that. People making fun like this is not good. Vikrant and I know each other for eight years and were planning to get married anyway. He decided everything in consultation with my parents and I am very happy to have got married on TV, with the whole country witnessing it.”

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