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Death of Maa Tujhe Salaam’s Actress at Age 21 is One of The Shocking And Tragic Mysteries of Bollywood

Sunny Deol’s Maa Tujhe Salaam is one of the blockbuster films of Bollywood. It was based on the patriotism. The plot of the story was based on Indian and Pakistan war. The film was a hit. To let you know, apart from Sunny Deol and Tabbu the film also included Arbaaz Khan. He played the role of a terrorist.

Arbaaz’s lady love was portrayed by the actress Monal Naval in the film. Today we will tell you about Monal Naval.

Did you know she is not in the world now? Monal, after a few time of film released, means just at the age 21 said Good Bye to the world. According to the reports, on April 30, 2002, she committed suicide by hanging herself to the ceiling fan.

Her dead body was found from her residence. The police found in the investigation that she broke up with her lover Prasanna Sujeet. Due to which she was gone into the depression and decided to end her life.

But it was based on the circumstantial shreds of evidence, the real cause of her death remained a mystery.

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