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Monalisa’s Boyfriend Vikrant Giving Second Thoughts To Marriage After Seeing Her Getting Close To Bigg Boss Contestant Manu

Monalisa’s Boyfriend Vikrant Giving Second Thoughts To Marriage After Seeing Her Getting Close To Bigg Boss Contestant Manu


Bigg Boss 10 is not only stirring up a storm inside the house but also making waves in the lives of those outside related to the contestants. For example, Monalisa is unaware that her fiance Vikrant Singh Rajpoot is reconsidering the wedding following her weeks of proximity to fellow contestant Manu Punjabi, reports

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Monalisa and Vikrant met on the sets of Bhojpuri film Dulha Albela. The Bigg Boss contestants are grouped into two teams. Manu is part of Indiawale, which also includes other non-celebrities like Swami Om, Nitibha Kaul and Manveer Gurjar. Team Celebs is made up of Rohan Mehra, Rahul Dev, Lopamudra Raut, VJ Bani, Monalisa (real name Antara Biswas) and Gaurav Chopra. Currently the Bigg Boss house has 10 contestants.

monalisa bigg boss 10

In an interview with, Vikrant confessed that Monalisa being on the show is taking a toll on him and his family. However, he is also termed the show as “drama.”

We were supposed to get married, but now, I am confused. I know that this is all drama. Once she is out, things will get sorted. It’s not easy for me or my family to watch this -Vikrant told.

Earlier on Bigg Boss, Swami Om attacked Monalisa’s character, slut-shaming her by saying that she’s too close to Manu, even though she’s engaged. He also made quite a scene when he called Monalisa his ‘premika‘. At that time, Manu defended the Bhojpuri actress, who on her part hurled abuses. Swami Om’s remarks were opposed by Rohan, Lopamudra and Rahul and he was strongly reprimanded by show host Salman Khan

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In his interview with, Vikrant shared the piece of advice he handed over to Monalisa before her entry to the house: “I told her ‘Veena Malik jaisa kuch nahin karna‘ because the public is smart and cannot be fooled.”

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For the uninitiated, Pakistani actress Veena Malik made headlines for her alleged intimacy with actor Ashmit Patel on Bigg Boss 4 in 2010.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of emotional drama on the Bigg Boss 10 episode, which aired on November 21 – Manveer and Manu’s comments hurt Monalisa. Manveer and Manu remarked that Monalisa needs them to survive in the game. Later they explained to an upset Monalisa that it was all in good humour. Later Monalisa was caught on camera crying alone while the others dined.

Meanwhile, the ‘Viral Video Fever’ task, the immunity task for this week, is what keeping Bigg Boss 10 contestants busy inside the house. Lokesh Kumari Sharma and Karan Mehra were evicted last Sunday in a surprise double eviction.

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