A Monkey Snatched a Newborn From His Mothers Lap, Brutally Bites And Kills Him

In a shocking horrific moment, a newborn baby who was only 12 days old lost his life. And it all happened because of a wild monkey. The monkey snatched the baby from his mother`s lap on the peripheral area of Agra, reportedly.

The mother who is named Neha was feeding her infant around 8 p.m. on Monday. Suddenly a monkey pounced on the baby and snatched him. Before the mother could react, the newborn was seen dangling from the monkey’s clutch as it jumped up the walls and vanished on the rooftop.

The whole family left gobsmacked and started yelling and crying and started their search to catch the monkey. At first, they tried to attract him with eatables but the animal went wild and bit the baby’s neck and clawed the body as neighbours rushed towards it. One of the family members said that,

“After a search we found the body bruised all over and rushed it to the hospital in Sikandra where the doctors declared him dead.”

It was the couple’s first child after two years of their marriage. Yogesh, the father of the baby is an auto-rickshaw driver and his wife Neha is a homemaker. A neighbour said, “Neha is devastated, she keeps losing consciousness.”