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“Monkey With A Human Face”: Here Are All The Details You Need To Know




Videos and Photos of an 18-year-old monkey are going viral on various social media networks as it has human-like facial features and expressions. Black-capped capuchin monkey living in Tianjin Zoo, China, is becoming popular across the globe for it human-like face.

Zheng Kaijie, who visited the monkey on March 18, confirmed to MailOnline that, “It is in the “primates building” of the zoo and staying with another monkey. The other monkey looks fine but this one is very human-like.”

A person wrote on Weibo (Chinese social media app), “Are you sure this is not the zookeeper? It’s the expression that makes me laugh! It looks lost!” comments another Weibo user.”

"Monkey With A Human Face"

Black-capped capuchin, or pin monkey one of the most widespread primates in the Neotropics, but it has recently been recommended considering the black-striped due to some differences in the genus.


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