Monsoon Fashion Tips That Every Woman Should Know

In the yester years everyone was like “Fashion during the rains???” Yes, I agree, monsoon season can get a little tricky but these days there are many fashion brands and designers that pay heed to these problems and launch clothing specially designed for this season. Make-up and hair styling brands also launch products that cater to the needs of this season.

Still left behind? Here are some simple fashion tips that every woman should swear by this season.

1. Say NO to denims


Actually, say no to any heavy fabric. Light fabrics should be your “best friends”. Denims are really hard to dry and can even take days. Wear capris, shorts, ankle length pants or knee length skirts.

2. Healthy hair equals to happy you

Who doesn’t want to be happy?? Hair can become really frizzy, dry and dull this season. Every woman has had their share of “bad hair days”. So, invest in an expensive shampoo and wash hair with cold or luke warm water. A good amount of conditioner will help get rid of that frizziness. And oil them !! Just follow these tips and have a happy hair day !!

3. Make-up: the lesser, the better

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Get smart this monsoon and opt only for light and nude make up. Avoid foundation, until absolutely necessary. Apply face powder in small amounts so that it just removes the grease off your face and nose. Use only mascaras and eyeliners for your eyes. Ditch the black and go for colored mascara and eyeliner to stand out from the crowd. Go for powder base eyeshadows as cream base ones can melt off. Opt for long lasting, matte tone lipsticks.

4. Keep your skin looking fresh


Your skin will require proper cleansing in order to keep looking healthy and fresh. Toning is must at night. Moisturising in the rains is as important as it is in the summers.

5. Let your Uptight fashion prints loose


Get on the experimental bandwagon and try out some edgy prints as this is the right time !! Tropical prints are the apt fashion prints to wear in the monsoon. Wear your diva attitude, with horizontal or vertical stripe prints.

6. Wear the right kind of footwear.


A nice pair of footwear could make you stand out. So, chuck all your velvet or leather footwears and get yourself some flip flops matching your capris or dresses. These would look cool with your casual office wear too.

7. Designer umbrellas


Every girl should have one of these. There are so many designer umbrellas that have flooded the fashion streets. These will brighten up your mood on a rainy day!!
8. Bright colored accessorizes


Accessorize your look with some neon colored handbags, raincoats, boots, hats and belts. Retail outlets are loaded with accessories in these blinding colors and so you won’t have difficulty spotting your favorite bag or belt.

9. Get a waterproof watch


Cannot leave your house without your watch but scared that it might get wet? Get a waterproof watch that will not only tell you the time but the weather too !!. It is a great investment. Fastrack offers a great range for such watches.


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