Another disturbing incident in the name of moral policing took place on 24th August in Mangalore when ‘Activists’ stripped a 28-year old man naked and thrashed him after tying to an electric pole. All this because he was allegedly travelling with a girl.

The man is a resident of Kulur and was travelling with a girl when the ‘Activist’ caught sight of them and attacked the car. The girl managed to escape without much harm but same could not be said for the man who had to be hospitalized. The girl too, was slapped when she came to her colleague’s rescue.

The man, later filed a complaint with the police and said that he was meeting the girl just to lend her some money. The man is a manager at an accessories store and the girl works there as a salesgirl who had asked for a sum of Rs.2000 as loan from the manager. They were on their way to an ATM when the Activists attacked them.